First Blog Post

When I decided to start this blog, I remember thinking I must be crazy. I am by no means a writer and I have no intention of becoming one in the future. I just want to share my opinions and life experiences with other people who are interested. I can promise that this blog will have spelling and grammar issues and I am okay with that. That isn’t the reason I am writing this blog. I am writing to be honest and share my experiences and feelings with the world. I will not share personal information about myself because I am not the focus of this blog. I will share my experiences but I will do so without using names or other personal information.

I spent a few years living in the background of my own life. I would turn down going to events or hanging out with friends and make excuses for why I couldn’t go. I am not even fully sure why I did that to this day. I am still trying to figure it out and that’s okay. I finally reached a point where I wasn’t happy with just sitting in the background of my own life. I wanted to take full control of my life and live it to its fullest potential. I started hanging out with friends more and started to do activities that made me happy. The moment I started doing that is the moment I truly became happy with my life. Now I am not trying to preach and tell everyone that they should do this. I know that not everyone may not have the means to do it. I am just putting it out there so that if someone wants to try and take control of their life, they know they have someone who will be right there with them.


A person living their life

First Blog Post